Bompers is the eleventh slot from the ELK Gravity series and the second slot to have X-iter modes! This 6 column down to 8 slots with X-iter modes, blackjack icons, upgrading symbols, and bonus games come with the Bompers Contender game mode. The Contender game mode allows you to play either against the computer or up against other players in head to head play. The exciting thing about this game is that it features two different ways to play – the regular “pin” style game where you attempt to steal the winnings of another player by matching their exact betting pattern (I call this the “Gold Rush” because it’s pretty easy to do and you only have to pay attention to a specific game scenario to successfully accomplish this), and the Online version which is basically just like playing Texas Holdem against opponents on the World Wide Web!

In addition to the exciting game modes, this game comes with many cool little features that make playing this slot machine fun. For example, since bompers uses only four,912 symbols instead of the millions of possible symbols, it takes less time to recognize a symbol. This is especially useful because if all symbols are the same then the probabilities of finding the winning number are the same. In fact, if any symbols are different then the probabilities get smaller because the fewer the chances the higher the payout!

Now, there are three main ways to win at the Bompers Slots: by hitting an “All Time Number”, a “Flip”, and a “Reset”. When hitting an All Time Number it’s a pretty simple affair because the odds of hitting something with that number are very high, and all you have to do is simply pick a number that you think will win. Most of the time though, you will hit something, but it might not be what you originally thought. With a flip, however, you have to wait until all the rows have been filled before you can choose to reset it, which means there’s a small chance you will win again.

Bompers slot machines are known for their simplicity as well as for the quality of game-play. The best games in this slot machine series are often reviewed as having some of the tightest reels and the best graphics. Although most of the games are played on a 9v battery, some also need AC adapter for certain models. It’s definitely worth investing in a spare set of these power adaptors so you can enjoy your bompers slot machines on as many occasions as possible.

You could say the real highlight of the Bompers line is its Bonus Game. There’s actually a lot more to this unique slot machine than meets the eye. First off, the Bonus Game works differently depending on the version of the game you are playing. For example, you may be playing the Bonus Game with the “A” version, where you need to hit two pins and spin the yellow wheel while hitting the green light. If you get all the right colored balls through the hoop, then you win a prize. Some versions have a second Bonus Game that requires you to hit three bompers or other icons for additional points.

On the surface, most of the Bonus Games are fairly straightforward, requiring you to hit various bompers, spin the yellow wheel, and release the bumper. However, some of the Bonus Games require you to use the Bonus symbols onscreen to make your winning bid. These symbols include the hearts, stars, lightning bolts, a cloud formation, and black bumble bees. When you place the bonus symbols onscreen, the wheels will turn yellow and you’ll have to push them towards the center of the playfield in order to make the winnings. While some of the games have limits on how many times you can use one symbol, others have no restrictions on the type of symbols you can use.